Monday, July 25, 2005

Battle Ground

I made it to Battle Ground, WA, at 11:30 AM today (July 25th). Now I settle in to enjoy unemployment! ;-)


My last day of work at PC World was Friday, July 22. PC World generously treated me and the entire Technology group to lunch at Hawthorne Lane. I was touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of my team members who gave me a gift card to the Viking store and a chef hat. :-) My favorite part was the card with the thoughtful messages, I will keep it in a safe place for future reading when I need a lift.

I set out from the SF Bay Area yesterday afternoon and decided to stay the night in Medford, Oregon. It's a little more than half way to my destination near Vancouver, WA. :-) In a short while, I will load my luggage back in to the car and be on my way.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's time for a change

The title of this post is the phrase I heard in my heart. And so, with prayerful consideration, I decided to go to cooking school. My top choice, after months of research and again prayer, for this education was New England Culinary Institute. I was so pleased when I heard the news that I had been accepted.

Yeah. That's right. Cooking school. :-)

This is meant to be my cooking school blog. A place where I will post cooking tips and recipes I learn as well as kitchen antics. I start school in early September and expect I will have things to write about shortly thereafter. So, check back!