Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's time for a change

The title of this post is the phrase I heard in my heart. And so, with prayerful consideration, I decided to go to cooking school. My top choice, after months of research and again prayer, for this education was New England Culinary Institute. I was so pleased when I heard the news that I had been accepted.

Yeah. That's right. Cooking school. :-)

This is meant to be my cooking school blog. A place where I will post cooking tips and recipes I learn as well as kitchen antics. I start school in early September and expect I will have things to write about shortly thereafter. So, check back!


gabe said...


Thanks for everything!

It was really great working with you and i know you will do well in cooking school. I hope you get to go to the exciting places you want to go! I hope you really find your niche.

You really made a big difference around here and while i am sure you are ready to go you will be missed dearly.

good luck in all of your endeavors!


mz said...


I really enjoyed working with you as well. I wish you happiness and success in everything that you do!

Just a few more days now before I start classes and move into the dorm. Wee!

Stay in touch!