Saturday, January 14, 2006

Meat Trivia

  • Did you know that Prime Rib is just a name for a cut of beef and the "Prime" in the name has nothing to do with the grade of the beef? That's right folks, it's not prime grade beef rib unless it is also stamped with the prime grade.
  • Grass fed beef has a more beefy flavor than corn fed beef. Grazing on grass is a cow's natural diet, so it stands to reason that the meat produced by cows fed in this manner would receive the highest grading. But no. We in the US prize marbling, which requires fattening the cows by feeding them corn, which we grow way too much of. If you can find grass fed beef in your local megamart, give it a try.


william said...

hum... low carb beef?

Arturo Flores said...

no no no william, grass fed beef. Beef that comes from cows that only eat grass.

I purchase beef from

mz said...

Arturo, you started eating meat again? Yay!

William said...

I know, Arturo. But that is cow-who-eat-low-carb-food beef? right?

Arturo Flores said...

William, it has nothing to do with low carb.

And to answer Mary's question, yes I have been eating beef about once a week. This has actually been the case for about 2 years. I only eat the grassfed beef I bought (which you have to buy in bulk, so we had about a years supply). Every once in a while I buy an organic chicken from Whole Foods and eat that as well.