Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shrimp Scampi with Angle Hair Pasta

This was a special that we ran during lunch at the Inn on Biltmore Estate last week. Mmmm.


Arturo Flores said...

mario batali would say, scampi is not shrimp cooked in a garlic butter sauce, its a distinct species, kinda like a small lobster :) (booo on olive garden for creating "Chicken Scampi")

mz said...

Scampi, which is the plural of scampo, is the Italian word for a small lobster that lives in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, and the North Atlantic from Iceland to Morocco. Other names for it include Norway lobster, the Dublin Bay prawn, and the Langoustine in France.

The real thing is rarely available in the US. Restaurants here have come to use the word to describe shrimp that is sauteed or broiled in butter or olive oil and lots of garlic.

We Americans like to that cools sounding words from other languages and water down the meaning. ;-) Like bisque. Soup is not a bisque simply because it is cream-based, i.e pumpkin bisque. To be a bisque, it must contain crustaceans.

Arturo Flores said...

I was just being a smartass :)

hey btw, i'm back in school now too, getting a masters in computer science at sfsu. It's not as cool as the biltmore estate, but its still pretty cool.

mz said...

Even still, it's an accurate observation. It's all just marketing. :-)

Still pretty exciting! When did you being your studies? How long will it take you? That's a lot to bite off with work and family, but I'm sure you will be able to pull it off with style!

Arturo Flores said...

I started this semester (fall 2006), should be done in 2 years. I got a grant to help pay for tuition and fees. I am now a part time employee at pc world :)

mz said...

Congrats! The time really does fly by. If this past year is any judge, you'll be celebrating your MBA in the blink of an eye.