Wednesday, December 27, 2006


My last quarter (we call them modules, mod for that was Mod 3)was really busy and I was drained. We had long days scheduled in the kitchen combined with some very involved projects that I spent my time out of the kitchen working on. So, I haven't posted much here. :-(

Mod 4 started out pretty easy for me and my 4 classmates. We had table service at Chef's Table, which is from 3PM to close. Our projects for the class were really easy. I made it through another table service class without spilling anything on anyone. Yay! We were able offer a table side dessert on our last 2 days. We had a cart set up for making Bananas Foster. The only problem with it is that our instructor priced it at $10 per person with 2 min order of 2 per table. Let's see, $20 for 2 bananas and some cheap liquor...I don't think so. Okay, so you get to watch someone light things on fire at your table. Still, not worth the price. We actually managed to sell one on our last night...but we didn't hold them to the 2 order minimum.

I ran a drink special when I worked my stint at the bar. The restaurant manager liked it so well that he is going to put it on the regular drink menu. How cool is that!?! It was a Spiced Cranberry Sunrise....spiced cranberry syrup, orange juice, ginger ale, and white rum. I had to give up the recipe for the spiced cranberry syrup.

Today I'm starting a new class. It's Operations Management. It's a pretty basic introduction to restaurant management. I think we have to actually prepare a business plan for a restaurant concept as our project.

Just 48 more classroom days until I'm off to my second internship. :-)

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