Monday, January 08, 2007

Operations Management

This class has been a complete waste of time. I mean. You go in thinking that you are going to learn something about starting and managing a restaurant, but you come out not knowing any more than you already knew from other classes that you've been in. Oy! I'm not happy and I'm someone is going to hear about it. Too late to help me, but maybe it will help other students down the road.

So, there's an Excel class as part of the "financial analysis" piece to this class. There is not much finance and little to no analysis. The instructor sits at the front of the class and literally tells us each keystroke to make. Go to cell A1 and type in the name of your restaurant, etc. I mean. He leads us through the building of templates that we will us for our project to show projected sales, expenses, etc. How stupid is that!?!?!

This same instructor teaches a lot of the classes in the BA program. So. I'm thinking to myself, if this is an indication of what the BA classes are like, I would never consider NECI for my BA. There are schools that have stronger academic programs for hospitality.


deadra said...

Mary i know how you feel....we did have a better teacher for 1/2 of that class. Carl however left as it seems many people need to make livings. Your almost done. In a sad way it is comforting to know that not much as changed there ;) Hang in there.

mz said...

39 more classroom days! :-) Yeah. I'm counting.