Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back to the kitchen

Ah. Finally I'll be back in the kitchen. Today I start the A La Carte cooking class at the Chef's Table. We'll be learning the art of cooking on a fine dining line. So, we should have access to different ingredients that we have not worked with before because of the cost. Venison, foie gras, wild boar, lobster, etc.

My group have been out of the kitchen for 5 weeks now and we all agree that we are more than ready to get back into our chef jackets and play with knives and fire. ;-)


William said...

Mary, Glad to see you are back. A few more months you will be a chef!

By the way, how's the weather there. I bet you already start to miss California. :-)

Best wishes,

deadra said...

So how does it feel? It is like you never left i'm sure:)

mz said...

William, I'll at least be closer to earning that title. :-)

Yeah. I was pretty used to not having to deal with the snow and sub-zero weather while there in SF. Winter got a very late start here, but looks like it has taken hold and will be here until I leave in March. I'm not ready for this! ;-)

How is Ethan?

Deadra, We were all like fish out of water on our first day back in the kitchen. Was kinda funny. Now that we've been there a few days, we're settling back into the groove.

William said...

Ethan is good. Thanks.

By the way, Aaron just had a boy last December.